Founder & Designer

Jessica A. Rine

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I want to come in and help you revise YOUR space with YOUR vision, not mine. My job is to come alongside and help you finish that room that’s never been quite right, edit those bookshelves that have been driving you crazy, or revise an entire space. I can help you with bigger projects such as renovating a kitchen, bathroom, or master bedroom. I can help you find cohesive textiles, hardware, lighting, paint colors, etc. All are very important elements to a room, that when not chosen properly, can throw off the finished look. I can help you manage a project, make sure you’re getting the best pricing, the best quality, and best deals. I’m consulting YOU on YOUR vision for YOUR space. My goal is to help you love the space you’re in regardless of how big or small.

Initial Consultation: $100 (up to an hour)

  • In person or FaceTime. This is when we will go over your design goals. Whether you are you completely renovating a space, need help revising your current décor, picking out a new wall color, or just want advice as to what you can do yourself, we’ll make a plan. After we meet, I will follow up and discuss my ideas for your space. We will also go over budget and come up with a plan realistic for you to achieve your revised space.

Additional Time: $50/hour

  • This includes designing, shopping, and creating your space.

Large Projects: By Estimate

  • For larger projects (kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, etc.) I’ll manage your job from start to finish to ensure you get exactly what you want.